Tattoo Services

TattooShow the world your love for exquisite tattoos. Why are tattoos popular?

Dating back to the Neolithic period and indigenous tribes, tattooing was historically practiced during religious ceremonies and as a rite of passage. It wasn’t until Christianity deemed tattoos to be part of the Wiccan faith that they earned an unfavorable reputation.

Tattoos represent more than an image, it represents you. There are many tattoo shops. However, at “Tattoo Removal Reno” we have set ourselves apart from the rest by providing a clean, hygienic, and inviting atmosphere that attracts clientele with sophisticated tastes.

For 10 years we have dedicated all our efforts towards offering the best tattoos. The national recognition we have received gives our clients clear tranquility.

We offer the following tattoos:

  • Custom Tattoos
  • Japanese Tattoos
  • Religious Tattoos
  • Tribal Tattoos
  • Celtic Tattoos
  • Portrait Tattoos
  • Flags & Heritage
  • Lettering & Symbols
  • Cover Ups, Restoration
  • Photo Archive

The tattoo industry is constantly evolving and has accelerated in the last five years; In order to stay up to date, our tattoo shop incorporate the latest products, equipment and techniques on a daily basis.

We understand the importance of a tattoo for you so our staff handles each tattoo session with the utmost care. Our “Tattoo Removal Reno” shop is made up of renowned tattoo experts.

We use strict hygienic procedures for each tattoo session and always leave our customers pleased with our work. Many of our tattoo customers have become long-time customers, knowing that their tattoos will be handled by professionals.

Superior Services from the “Tattoo Removal Reno“:

  • Unique and Specialized Tattoo Art from Professional Tattoo Artists
  • Body Piercings by Expert Piercing Specialists
  • Permanent Makeup Solutions
  • Tattoo Cover Ups
  • Friendly and Informative After Care

Whether you want a new tattoo or piercing or permanent makeup, contact us at (775) 352-7200 to find out about our services that are sure to enrich your life. We are here to help you convey your style with award winning tattoo artists, and body modifying services that will make your life easier and more fun.